How to design your first hour a day brain friendly

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How to design your first hour a day brain friendly
What you should do in the morning to jump-start your brain for greater success, a greater level of focus, a greater level of productivity
So I am going to walk through what you should do in the morning routine

1) Remember your dream –

The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is that you have a process to remember your dream
Now, you’re like “why do you want to remember your dreams”?
The reason why is, often, as you spend your day learning and working to solve the problem, solve problems in your work, in your life, and everything else, when you sleep, your mind doesn’t stop
Your unconscious mind is still working on those problems, and you come up with incredible insight and solution.

2)  Make your bed –

The second thing you should do after wake up is to make your bed
You’re like, “why is that good for the brain?”
There is two reason
1) A clean environment is important for you, you know when you clean off your desktop, you clean up your office, your bedroom, you have a clearer mind
2) You should start your day with success because how you do anything is how you do everything.
So you should start with excellence take two minutes, make your bed. And it’s really great because
when you come home at the end of the day, you come backfill circle back to success.

3)  Drink lots of water –

The third thing you should do you should drink lots of water .our brain is mostly, 80% of water. Since our bodies are made up of water, it is essential to keep it hydrated with a fresh intake of water at all times. Not only is this beneficial for your overall well-being, but it could also lead to several short and long-term consequences.
The challenge is you lose a lot of water when you are sleeping, so you should hydrate first thing the morning

4) Brush your teeth with the opposite hand –

You are like “why do you brush your teeth? how is that good for your brain?”
You should brush your teeth with your opposite hand. It has been shown that by using your opposite hand to eat or to brush your teeth, as your body moves, your brain grooves.
The brain continuously adapts, grows and rewires itself through the growth of new neurons. When people age, it’s common that they experience memory loss and sometimes their fine motor skills – but unless the mental decline is caused by disease, most age-related memory, and motor skill ability loss is from lack of brain exercise. If you don’t use your brain, it loses its knowledge.
It understands the way our bodies work and behaves in the world, but when we try writing with our opposite hand – it confuses the brain and its efficiency.
As you brush your teeth with your opposite hand, it actually creates more neural connections inside your mind.

5) Deep breathing exercises –

You should do a deep breathing exercise. The other thing besides hydration that’s good for your brain is oxygen. A lot of people get tired, and they have brain fog. What do they do with their mental fatigue?
And I would say the number one thing is to get oxygen in your body. And here is the thing, your brain is only 2% of your body weight on average, but it consumes 20% of the nutrients and oxygen, so it’s so important to do deep breathing exercises.
We will soon update all deep breathing exercises.

6) Make some tea (but not tea a brain tea) –

I found the great source on the internet with the recipe – check on it guidedposts

7) Making Notes –

If you Want to boost your brain power, it’s important to take notes. You should plan your day and also be able to write the things that you are most grateful for.
So, You go through this gratitude process in your journal, because you feel like your brain really thrives on gratitude. Because if you can’t appreciate the things that you already have, you are not going to be given the things that you really want.
So why should focus on gratitude first thing in the morning?
Well you have your vision board and then your goals, everything that you want, but You also have to
Gratitude board of things that you are most grateful for in your life. And if you want to feel instant gratitude, just count all the things in your life that you have that money can’t buy.

7) HIIT workout (3-4 minute) –

This is not an exercise for the day, but three or four minutes of a high-intensity workout to kind to get your heart beating and going because here’s the thing, whatever is good for your heart is usually good for your head.
Because when you are getting your heartbeat going what’s happening is that you’re getting more blood flow to your brain and more oxygen. And that very very important
Read HIIT workout – fitnessblender

8) Brainpower smoothie (water, chocolate, almond, and milk) –

So you are like what is brain power smoothie
There are certain foods that are really great for your brain
You will find it here – kwik Brain
While drinking you should do reading 20-30 min a day of dedicated reading, because the leaders are readers
You are like I can’t read a book a week
Because the average person read only about one or two books a year but the CEO reads about four to six books a month
I found a great article on the internet – The Average CEO Reads 60 Books A Year – Find Out Why
At last so remember first you make your habits and then habits make you. Design the first hour of a day to be brain friendly and you will win the rest of the day
Source – ProDetailed
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